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Upcoming Tournaments

We at Oregon Science Olympiad will keep you updated on tournament particulars via this webpage!  We are quite pleased to have a location for our 2018 State Tournament: Oregon State University.  The date of this competition will be a Saturday in April.

Registration for Tournaments: JANUARY 31, 2019.  Early registration is encouraged.  State tournament registration is through our "Register a Team" page.  The Willamette Valley Practice Tournament has a separate registration as it is held by Lebanon Community Schools rather than the state Science Olympiad organization. 

Willamette Valley Practice Tournament: Saturday in February (Saturday, March 2). Seven Oak Middle School, Lebanon, OR.  

Available to all B division (middle school) teams in Oregon and Washington.   This is a practice tournament that does not contribute to scoring at State or Nationals.  Come try out your events and meet your possible competitors!  We will also provide answer keys to knowledge and laboratory practice events to help guide your preparation.  Hosted by the Lebanon Community Schools.  Link to a website devoted to the Willamette Valley Practice Tournament Only.

State Tournament: Saturday in April (Saturday, April 6).  Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Available to all registered B division (middle school) and C division (high school) teams in Oregon.  Register using this year's registration form.  Oregon does not have regional tournaments at this time.

Tournament Schedule:  here is an event tournament schedule, for all Science , Olympiad tournaments in Oregon.  A room schedule will become available closer to the competition date.  We will post sign-up process for the "build events" such as towers and gliders soon.  



National Tournament: MAY 31 - June 1, 2019.  Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Available to the #1 winning B Division and C Division teams from the State Tournament.  

 "The Oregon Science Olympiad program provides a highly motivating mix of collaboration and competition, centered around exactly what we need American students competing at now: science and engineering."