Oregon Science Olympiad
team-based science and engineering competition
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Events that Motivate

The Science Olympiad program offers highly motivated, detailed tasks that are perfect for encouraging


           critical thinking

                research & literacy skills

and students becoming experts in science or engineering topics!

Standards Alignment

We've done the work of aligning to teaching standards for you!  Click around in our OSO Classroom to the type of standards you want to align with -- the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards or the Common Core Literacy Standards for Science and the Technical Subjects. 

You can get a book giving detailed event descriptions with your team registration.  These rules are also available on the national site, www.soinc.com: 

Please note: 2019 alignment materials have not yet been published by the national Science Olympiad organization.  When they have, these links will be updated.  Some events will be similar to the previous year.
Ways to Bring Science Olympiad to your Classroom

Whether you choose to use Science Olympiad for project ideas or run a full competitive Science Olympiad team, we can offer advice to get you started at your school.  We have members of our leadership who currently:
     Teach Science Olympiad events together with the Next Generation Science Standards
          Teach Science Olympiad events as a science elective class
                Teach Science Olympiad events as extracurricular club program

Please contact ashley.dasilva@lebanon.k12.or.us for more information about teaching Science Olympiad classes.

 "The Oregon Science Olympiad program provides a highly motivating mix of collaboration and competition, centered around exactly what we need American students competing at now: science and engineering."