Oregon Science Olympiad
team-based science and engineering competition
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Inquiry and Design 

Science Olympiad presents excellent opportunities to perform the Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design standards that Oregon students must develop, with greater complexity, year by year.

Traditional science curricula, such as textbooks and kits, do a great job of addressing science content standards.  However, most do not provide adequate support for extended science experiments. Support for the engineering standards is even rarer.

The laboratory events of Science Olympiad, however, provide excellent extended science process investigations with high-interest topics such as Forensics and BioProcess Lab.  Challenging building events such as Elastic Launched Glider, Robo-Cross, and Mission Possible push students to optimize their designs within stringent constraints -- just as adult engineers would do.  We welcome you as teachers to try out many of these events in your classroom, or as an extracurricular with those students most interested in becoming scientists and engineers.  

 "The Oregon Science Olympiad program provides a highly motivating mix of collaboration and competition, centered around exactly what we need American students competing at now: science and engineering."