Oregon Science Olympiad
team-based science and engineering competition
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Active Fundraisers

At this time, Oregon Science Olympiad does not have any active fundraising campaigns.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact State Director Ashley da Silva.  Each year, we incur about $2000 in expenses for the State Tournament, including supplies and room rental fees.  Your donation, put towards these expenses, would be much appreciated.

How else can you help?

You can spread the word about Oregon Science Olympiad in general.  We have a general information handout that you can use, or you can use the 2019 brochure from the Science Olympiad national organization.  Think about starting, advising, or donating materials to, a team in your area.  Thanks so much for helping Oregon Science Olympiad grow!

 "The Oregon Science Olympiad program provides a highly motivating mix of collaboration and competition, centered around exactly what we need American students competing at now: science and engineering."